Private Tutoring

Is this you?

  • You have attended entire classroom coaching programs at popular Coaching Institutes, but you’re still scoring nowhere near your true potential or target.
  • You have watched countless Video Lessons, freeware or premium, but there is still no consistency in your performance.
  • You have read the best books on the subject, but you still don’t have a practical understanding of the concepts.
  • You have consulted so many mentors/trainers, but you’re still confused because each person has taught you a different thing.
If any of the above applies to you, then you need a MaxVerbal Personal Tutor to help you!

MaxVerbal offers you a unique blend of expert tutoring and an assurance of improvement. Guided by steadfast integrity, we strive to establish uncompromising standards of quality of instruction. This means that each of our tutors needs to qualify a bare minimum standard of excellence in each of the pertinent aspects of Personal Tutoring. Our tutors are put through a battery of tests that evaluate not only their knowledge and skill in the subject, but also their ability to teach. But the most important ingredient is a tutor’s commitment to student success. This is what differentiates any “employee” or “worker”, from a genuine teacher. And that’s the MaxVerbal guarantee.

We are teachers. We are MaxVerbal!

Course Portfolio

  • IELTS - Academic
  • IELTS - General
  • CLAT - English Language Section & Verbal Reasoning Questions (in the Logical Reasoning Section)
  • LSAT - Logical Reasoning 1, Logical Reasoning 2 and Reading Comprehension
  • SAT - Evidence Based Reading and Writing, and Essay Writing
  • BBA/BBM/BMS/BHM Entrance - Verbal Ability & Verbal Reasoning
  • GRE - Verbal Reasoning
  • CAT - Verbal Ability
  • XAT - Verbal Ability