Interactive Online Video Tutorials

MaxVerbal is here to help you learn the English Language and improve your Verbal Reasoning Skills, in the most scientific, effective and affordable manner ever envisioned. This division of MaxVerbal focuses on your ability and passion to self-learn. MaxVerbal’s Self-Study Programs have the following salient features:


Before embarking on the journey to their learning goals, self-learners make it a point to evaluate themselves - their strengths and their weaknesses - before investing time, money and effort into their preparation. MaxVerbal offers its learners a Diagnostic Test for every single one of its courses, along with a detailed performance analysis. Post preparation, we offer our learners Final Assessment Tests that measure the improvement in learners over the duration of the course. The degree of granularity of MaxVerbal’s courses stands testimony to the precision of the test performance feedback and of the identification of learners’ strengths and weaknesses. These data points can make all the difference between cracking an examination or not.


Self-learners are always in control of their preparation. They make calculated invesments of time and effort into their study, charting out a course that steers them out of their weaknesses with surgical precision. In order to achieve this, self-learners must have maximum flexibility to design their course according to their unique requirements. MaxVerbal abandons the “one size fits all” approach to designing courses adopted by every other coaching institution. Our Platform offers learners the feasibility to enroll in any given chapter, lesson, module or course of their liking and requirement. This ‘A la Carte’ mode of cherry picking ensures maximum satisfaction and value for money for every learner.


One of the biggest frustrations learners face is the paucity of intelligent and effective practice. MaxVerbal believes practice must begin from the learners’ existing level of ability and then gradually build up to the target level, challening the learner every step of the way and creating an impetus to improve. Practice must also be unlimited. Different individuals requie a different number of questions to practice before they can master a particular concept; and running out of quality questions to practice can bring a learner’s progress to a grinding halt. And so, MaxVerbal brings to you its brainchild, the indegenously developed Praxercise. The Praxercise is an Adaptive and Unlimited Practice Exercise on every concept in every lesson, module and course.


Test prep is not about learning concepts blindly. It’s about learning concepts from an applications perspective. This subsumes an certain degree of awareness of Difficulty Levels of each concept and skill. We grade learners into eight levels of proficiency, ranging from A1 to D2. The first six levels (A1 to C2) are similar to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. And, our additional D1 and D2 levels are Expert levels of proficiency. All our questions are graded according to level of difficulty. And our video lessons are designed to take our learners from their current levels all the way up to D2.


But even the best of sefl-learners need mentoring once in a while, someone to check on them to see whether they’re moving in the right direction or require course correction. MaxVerbal provides all its learners FREE guidance and mentorship on how best to prepare and overcome the challenges to preparation. Every learner is connected to our Chief Mentor via the Personal Chat Interface built into the student dashboard. This facility can be used not only for guidance, but also for basic doubt-solving. MaxVerbal does NOT charge its learners - enrolled for Online Tutoring or for Online Video Tutorials - for resolution of doubts through personal chat or emal.

MaxVerbal has been founded on the principles of learning. We’re confident you’ll benefit from these tutorials and all their features, and that we, in turn, will utilise your feedback to make this course and this platform better and better, year after year.

Come experience the difference, at MaxVerbal.