Dear Learner!

Welcome to MaxVerbal, your very own Academy of Acquisition and Application of Natural Languages!

MaxVerbal is the brainchild of a handful of tenured teachers who have witnessed, first hand, the inadequacies in language teaching in the corporate world, mainstream education and the coaching industry, but have been unable to do anything to change the status quo…until now!

We are a team of passionate Innovators, Linguists, Teachers, Writers and Computer Programmers working together to set right those wrongs. Backed by a team of founders who individually have more than 15 years of experience in the Science and Art of Natural Languages, we have now taken the initiative to apply our learnings to create innovative courses that guarantee results.

As an Academy, we strive to:

  • Supplement mainstream education by helping those left behind by the system catch up and realise their true potential
  • Complement mainstream education by helping exceptional students go beyond prescribed curricula and enter the highest echelons of social life
  • Provide granular, insightful, reliable and consistent subject matter
  • Conduct accurate assessments in all areas of competence
  • Provide ‘Unlimited Computer Adaptive’ Practice sessions that guarantee skill enhancement
  • Engage you intellectually
  • Activate the desire to learn and to push the boundaries of your understanding
  • Enable independent learning and disable spoon-feeding
  • Utilize technology to reduce the gaps between you and true learning
  • Evolve and Grow every year to increase the scope and impact of our work
  • Provide affordable education to all sections of society
  • Set higher benchmarks in Standardised Education
  • Be accountable.

It is with the above intentions that we invite you to avail our courses. We are teachers, not businessmen. We believe teaching is a noble profession and possess the integrity that goes with it. We assure you that we have your interests at heart. Whatever your age, level of proficiency or socio-economic status, our courses are made for you!

Some Key Points to note:

  • All our courses are Child Safe. Hence, you need not worry about objectionable content in our Video Lessons, Exercises, Tests or Editorial.
  • Our courses are designed for all levels - beginner to advanced. Hence, the subject matter covered and the literature used range from simple to complex.
  • In order to experience our courses, you will require the following:
    • A Smart Device - A Smart Phone, a Laptop or a Desktop Computer
    • Earphones/Headphones (preferably)
  • We collect non-invasive personal information about our Learners to better understand our student demographic. The details collected are:
    • Full Name
    • Age (Not Date of Birth)
    • Email Address
    • Qualification (Last examination cleared)
    • Target Exam or Target Proficiency Level
    • Phone Number (Optional)
    • Location (City, State, Country)
  • We create a one-to-one connection between you and MaxVerbal. So you will feel like you have a personal tutor for Language Studies at hand at all times. We do NOT encourage or provide the facility for interaction between students in chat forums and discussion groups. We are NOT a social networking site. We’re strictly involved in learning, and we’d prefer to minimise distractions.
  • We do offer a doubt resolution service, wherein you can chat with our Support Team for the resolution of doubts and technical issues you will encounter during your journey.
  • We keep a track of your course progress and will contact you via email to ensure smooth sailing. We do NOT believe in spamming. So please add us to your contacts list, so that you do not miss important notifications from our team.
  • Over and above our low course fees, we offer further discounts and scholarships to learners from extremely poor backgrounds. So if you can’t afford our courses and would like to apply for a scholarship, please write to us.