English Language Improvement

A Comprehensive, Computer Adaptive and Scientific Course on all aspects of English Language Usage


MaxVerbal brings you this course on English Language Improvement, to help you learn the English Language in the most scientific, effective and affordable manner ever envisioned. This course focusses on all four areas of core competence: reading, writing, speaking and listening; and it is tailor-made to help you acquire a high degree of skill in each of these aspects of language usage. 

We grade learners into eight levels of proficiency, ranging from A1 to D2. The first six levels (A1 to C2) are similar to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. And, our additional D1 and D2 levels are Expert levels of proficiency. As we understand that no two individuals are perfectly identical, we have used technology to make this course adapt to the level of every learner and to improve his/her skills from that point onward…all the way up to his/her target level of proficiency. 

We believe in offering our learners maximum flexibility. So we give you the freedom to purchase access to any topic, lesson, module or course you wish to learn. The duration of access for each topic, lesson, module and course is carefully calculated to give you not only sufficient time, but also an incentive to work hard. 

Each topic begins with a Free Diagnostic Test that is designed to help you, and us, evaluate whether that topic is a strength or a weakness. Every topic comes with a collection of Video Lessons that explain that Topic in detail; and a Praxercise, unlimited, adaptive practice that will take you from where you are to where you want to be through optimum utilisation of time. Once you begin a Praxercise, the only way out is at the top of the skill ladder! The last component is the Final Assessment Test.

MaxVerbal has been founded on the principles of learning. We’re confident that you will benefit from this course and all its features, and that we, in turn, will utilise your feedback to make this course and this platform better and better, year after year.

Come experience the difference, at MaxVerbal. 

The Lesson Plan

  • Modules: 1
  • Duration: 365 days
  • Fee: 5000
What will i learn?
  • The Technicalities of English Grammar at a granular level
  • Nuances of Semantics by developing a strong Vocabulary
  • Phonetics and Pronunciation in order to reduce Mother Tongue Influence
  • Expository and Argumentative Writing
  • Reading Comprehension - Literal & Figurative Language

Module 1 : Complete English Grammar
  • Lessons: 1
  • Duration: 180 days
  • Fee: 1000
Lesson 1 : Composition 1 - Simple Sentence Construction
  • Topics: 1
  • Duration: 60 days
  • Fee: 100
Topic 1 : Prepositional Phrases
  • Duration: 15 days
  • Fee: ₹ 25 ₹ 100
Prepositional Phrases - Part 2
Prepositional Phrases - Part 2 (in Hindi)