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MaxVerbal is an Academy of Acquisition and Application of Natural Languages that creates and utilizes various media such as Text, Audiovisual and, most importantly, Computer-Aided & AI Enabled Web Applications. We have currently begun our journey by creating courses and products for the English Language and all its aspects. We do so to cater to the urgent requirement of English Language Ability, hoping to help students perform better in scholastic and entrance examinations, and to help individuals become more employable in the job market. Gradually, we intend to expand to other Languages as well, by incorporating our learnings as we grow.

In order to achieve these goals, we have put together a team of passionate Education Inventors, comprising Linguists, Teachers, Writers and Computer Programmers, who work together to practice and teach the Science and Art of Natural Languages.

Our core values are honesty, curiosity, creativity, dedication, innovation, service, compassion and, above all, integrity. If your professional aspirations and values align with ours, then we’d like to hear from you. Although the status of our job openings keeps changing from time to time, we encourage you to write to us and apply through our all-purpose general application. We love making new friends, and strongly believe that new connections bring with them new opportunities!

Job Opportunities

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If you couldn’t find a job opportunity that suits your skill set but you still feel you can contribute, then we’d like to hear from you. Please fill out this general application

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We welcome you to send us your articles and art work. We offer attractive rewards to winning articles for our paid publications, and even showcase works that meet our quality standards through our free publications.