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MaxVerbal has been conceived as an Academy of Acquisition and Application of Natural Languages, with the overarching goal of helping individuals MAX-imise their VERBAL Ability through various media such as Text, Audiovisual and, most importantly, Computer-Aided & AI Enabled Web Applications. We are a team of passionate Academic Inventors, comprising Linguists, Teachers, Writers and Computer Programmers, who work together to practice and teach the Science and Art of Natural Languages.

Our primary audience are individuals, of all age groups, sincerely seeking to learn a language in a way that guarantees results. Although we’re not a non-profit, we are strongly inclined toward creating affordable yet high quality learning opportunities, especially for those sections of society that cannot easily avail them. The Smart Revolution has created unprecedented opportunities to overcome the drawbacks of traditional education systems. As smart devices and the internet both become increasingly affordable and accessible, our ability to take high quality education to a deserving student is only limited by our imagination. We, at MaxVerbal, aspire to do our best to capitalise on this opportunity to give back to the community.

We have begun our journey by creating courses and products for the English Language and all its aspects. We do so to cater to the urgent requirement of English Laguage Ability, hoping to help students perform better in scholastic and entrance examinations, and to help individuals become more employable in the job market. Later, we intend to expand to other languages as well, by incorporating our learnings as we grow. MaxVerbal values honesty, curiosity, creativity, dedication, innovation, service, compassion and, above all, integrity. Teaching is a noble profession. And, we are teachers. We are MaxVerbal!

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  • Our biggest strength is our Knowledge Capital. It comprises the essence of hunderds of books authored by global leaders in linguistics. This Knowledge has been extensively researched, expanded, compiled and brought to life by our Academic Research Team (ART) through this cutting-edge Tech Platform, our Personal Tutoring, and our in-house Publications of Journals and Books.

    One of the biggest challenges students of the English Language face today is the multitude of individuals and institutions teaching their own versions of the English language, rife with inaccuracies, inconsistencies and grey areas. To make matters worse, there are no intentions or mechanisms for correction in place. Mediocrity, superficiality and complacency have become the new modus operandi; and the unsuspecting student becomes the primary victim. He or she is led to believe in lower standards of Education and, hence, lower levels of academic accomplishment.

    Our Content is specifically designed to tackle the aforementioned challenges; and our pedagogy, to deliver that content in the most ‘easy-to-understand’ and ‘easy-to-apply’ manner. We’re not afraid to ask a difficult question, or explain the answer to a braintwister either. We’re not afraid of jargon; we embrace them and equip our students to wield them with finesse. We believe simple language, sufficient examples, a touch of humour and lots of love are the recipe to make the most mindboggling concepts child’s play. So, when you sign up, rest assured you’re in good hands!

  • 1:1 LEARNING
  • The second challenge students of the traditional classroom setting face is the teacher to student ratio. Whether they’re attending school or college, or they’re preparing for an entrace exam with a coaching institute, students often feel lost in a crowd, vying for the teacher’s attention. Individual attention, although promised, is seldom delivered, only adding to the student’s frustrations.

    MaxVerbal gives its students the unique opportunity to learn at a 1:1 (Expert:Student) ratio. Technology has enabled us to take the expert to every student individually, in a way never thought possible…before now! Our completely centralised Database of lessons and tests, created by our Academic Research Team (ART), Doubt Solving apparatus, and Personal Tutoring service gurantee that every student learns the exact same concepts, but at a pace that matches his or her learning capacity the best.

    Yes, you can finally have your cake, and eat it too! And the cherry on this cake is that you can use this tool anywhere! All you need is a smartphone, a laptop or a computer, and an internet connection.

    Come feel the difference!

  • “If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard people falsely claim to offer Adaptive Learning, I’d be a millionaire.” - Founder, MaxVerbal.

    The term ‘Adaptive Learning’ has been recklessly tossed around by coaching institutes with impunity while they continue to pack students into crowded classrooms. The only way to create a truly adaptive echosystem inside a classroom, is to have a 1:1 teacher to student ratio. But because that’s not scalable, these businesses operate behind a facade of Adaptive learning.

    Technology has provided us with the solution to this problem, and it’s high time someone changed the status quo. Thanks to Computer Algorithms, Machine learning and Data Analytics, we can now create effective virtual interactions between the teacher and the learner, and deliver customized resources and learning activities to address the unique needs of each learner. A functional adaptive learning ecosystem takes into account that every student is unique and has a certain pace of learning. It also factors in the student’s prior knowledge, and helps bridge the gap between the student’s existing level and desired learning goals. This also includes giving the student the flexibility to design the curriculum sequence in a way that is most suited to his or her strengths and weaknesses, as a personal tutor would.

    MaxVerbal has been conceived with the ambition to address precisely these issues, and to create learning solutions that give real and reliable results.

  • The final challenge students face is consistency and reliability in what’s being taught. Now, don’t get us wrong…we love and respect all our teachers and owe them a great deal of gratitude. But many a times we find that, within the same institution itself, the experts don’t agree on matters of the subject. And the English Language is no exception to this. Students often find themselves wondering whom to believe or who is teaching the right thing; and, then, usually end up doing painstaking research themselves…only in vain.

    MaxVerbal is an Academy, with its own, independent Academic Research Team (ART). This team comprises highly qualified, knowledgeable and skilled Linguists and Language Trainers, dedicated to demystifying the English Language and developing our Institutional Repository. All our content, whether delivered through our Adaptive Online Platform, or delivered by our Personal Tutors, is derived from our Institutional Repository. This is the secret to our consistency in teaching content and pedagogy.

    All our teachers are MaxVerbal Certified, which means they have to qualify our internal assessments and undergo training before they’re assigned to our students. And our assessment is arguably one of the toughest in the world. That is the seal of assurance we provide at MaxVerbal.

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  • We believe wisdom is everywhere, in everything and everyone. From facts to opinions, prose to poetry, research to entertainment, we constantly acquire knowledge from all directions and through such modes of speech or writing. And so, in order to create a vibrant community that exchanges ideas and information, MaxVerbal encourages its students, patrons and experts to actively participate in Writing and Reading routinely. We invite both veteran and fledgling writers to send in their submissions for our journals, magazines and eBooks from time to time. Not only do all our writers get the opportunity to perfect their art, they also manage to earn a little cash reward on the side. For more information and exciting writing opportunities, rush over to our Editorial. Happy Writing!